December 2018


Dr. Rikki Permenter

Remind the people to be subject to rulers and authorities, 

to be obedient, to be ready to do whatever is good, 

Titus 3:1

In October our church’s nominating committee scoured our sanctuary’s pews to find the perfect teachers for each Sunday school class and the perfect volunteers for each committee. I’m not on that nominating committee (praise the Lord) but my husband is. This year I got volun-told to teach a Sunday school class. If we’re being fair, my husband volun-tells me to teach one every year - this year I just finally submitted to his God-given authority. (Yay for me being submissive, it only took 8 years.) I’m now the proud teacher of our Women’s Sunday school class. 

I think it took me 8 years to finally give in because I knew the huge responsibility that teaching a Sunday school class entails. Not only do you have to be there every Sunday (on time) but you have to be in the right frame of mind and with a lesson prepared. It isn’t just a Sunday-only gig, either. To do it right you truly want to live life with your class members and pray for them each by name regularly. 

Since it’s been a month or so, I’ve had time to reflect and I really do love to teach this class. I didn’t know I would love it as much as I do until I actually did it. God, like my husband, knows us better than we know ourselves. He calls us to do things that he knows we are equipped for and will enjoy. He presses it upon our hearts until we (finally) are submissive to the call. Is there any task that the Lord has laid upon your heart to do for a while that seems overwhelming? Is there a task that he keeps bringing to you that just don’t know if you would enjoy? Take time this new year to submit. You may find that He knows you better than you know yourself. You may find you do truly enjoy whatever it is he has equipped and called you to do.  

This article can be found in print in the monthly Baptist Association of Southeast Louisiana newsletter.