You've got questions. We know you do. Find info here. 

1. How much does counseling cost? 

JUST LIKE ANYTHING, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. COUNSELING COSTS VARY IN OFFICES ACROSS BATON ROUGE AND THE SURROUNDING AREAS. AT BENT TREE COUNSELING, EACH 50-MINUTE SESSIOn's cost varies depending on the credentialing & Experience of the practitioner you see. If you're seeing Dr. Permenter the fee is $90 FOR AN INDIVIDUAL AND $100 FOR A COUPLE OR FAMILY. Counseling via Video conferencing fees are the same as regular sessions with dr. permenter. If you are seeing DENISE caraway the fee is $75 FOR AN INDIVIDUAL AND $90 FOR A COUPLE OR FAMILY.

If you're a minister, missionary, or expat our fees are NEGOTIABLE for video conferencing depending on how many reduced fee clients each counselor currently sees.

 A full Payment is expected at time of session. If you are filing through insurance, your portion or co-pay is due at the time of session. You can pay by card, check, cash, or in advance here

2. Do you take insurance? 

Yes & No, Dr. Rikki Permenter is currently credentialed with Blue Cross of Louisiana.Each Blue Cross Policy allows for different things for your mental health- give them a call and they will talk you through how many sessions they will cover each year. After you have reached your maximum allowable of covered sessions, you are responsible for covering sessions out of pocket. If for any reason Blue Cross does not cover your sessions you are responsible for payment directly to bent tree counseling. 

denise caraway is not credentialed with any insurance companies as of yet - but we will keep you updated. 

We do not process any other insurance company claims at our office as of yet. Until We can, many insurance companies will reimburse you a percentage of the money you spend on counseling. Each insurance company is different. Call your insurance company and ask them how it works. Usually all they will request is a RECEIPT for services.

3. What types of clients do you see? 

All types! Most of Our experience is in COuples Counseling and working with Children and Adolescents, but We've seen people of all ages and in all stages. adults and college students are some of Our favorite clients to see, but We won't turn down a play therapy session. Some of Our most rewarding clients have been little girls & guys (over 5) . 

4. Do you Offer Late Evening or weekend Sessions? 

Yes, for a small fee. While they usually fill up quickly, if one is available it can be yours for the low-low price of $25 added to the standard hourly fee. A "Late evening session" is any session beginning after 8:00 PM. and a "weekend session" is any session on a saturday or sunday with Dr. Permenter. If you would like a saturday session with Mrs. Denise - you can stick with her standard fee as saturday is one of her regular office days.  If you are filing through insurance with Dr. Permenter, you are responsible for this portion of your payment at time of service, as it is beyond maximum allowable fee Blue Cross will pay. 

5. WHere is your intake paper work? 

IT'S IN A FEW PLACES. You Can download it here, you can use the link at the bottom of this page, or you can use the link on the contact us page.

6. Do you offer any groups? 

Yep. this Year we are offering an open weekly grief group that meets for the first 6 weeks of the year at Taylor Creek Baptist Church in Kentwood. we plan to offer 4 SEPARATE 6 week groups in 2019. If you would like register or get more information about the day, time, and location on site please contact us for the details or register within the form on the same page.

If you're interested in a different kind of group - let us know and we will put it out there and see if there is enough interest to start a new group. Payment for groups differs from group to group and between sites. Fees range between free and $15 per person per Group session. If any group is described as "open" it is free for new members to join at any time and usually runs INDEFINITELY. any Group described as "Closed" close enrollment until the group ends, usually 6-10 sessions depending on topic. 

7. Do you ever do speaking engagements? 

Yes! Speaking to large and small groups is one of Dr. Rikki's favorite things to do. Shoot Her an email here and She'll let you know if She is available. If you're interested in a marriage intensive date night, weekend, or retreat you'll find more information here

8. Do you ever offer counseling via video conferencing? 

Yes! Dr. Permenter offers counseling via videoconferencing at the same rates as in person COUNSELING. You can access her VIRTUAL office Here or through the link on the contact us page. 

9. What if I didn't get my question answered here? 

WE'RE SO SORRY! please send an email here and we will get back with you with an answer asap.